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Health & Safety


All new employees undergo our health & safety induction at the interview process in our warehouse.

DNA 1ST SOLUTION’s packing service is not considered dangerous work.

DNA also have their own Health & Safety policy for their packing tables offsite, monitored by the DNA 1st Solution’s HSC (Health & Safety committee). Having our own health & safety policy offsite, coincides with the Client’s own Health & Safety policies to ensure that their sub-contractor (DNA) will aid their policies by doing our part to keep the work place safe. The client’s Health & Safety policies on their sites supersedes all agreements.

DNA 1ST SOLUTION’s warehouse is work safe & ACC approved.

Health & Safety Overview system package

This H&S package has been designed and developed to work systematically & manage workplace health and safety with DNA 1ST SOLUTION LTD. This will allow the DNA 1ST SOLUTION LTD Health & Safety Committee (HSC) to maintain better control over contractors and/or their sub-contractors and deliver measurable outcomes against current safety Legislation. This document provides a systematic approach to comply with the absolute duties and obligations found under the Health & Safety in Employment Act and other relevant Legislation, Regulations and Codes of Practice. The H&S system is designed to complement all existing Safety Management or Injury Prevention Systems. It is not intended to replace an existing safety management or injury prevention system at any work industry or other sites being used. DNA 1ST SOLUTION LTD HSC has duties in law in terms of Occupational Health & Safety.  These duties include Subpart 2 – duties of PCBUs (Person conducting a business or undertaking) of the HSWA Act (2015),which state that “A PCBU who manages or controls a workplace must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the workplace, the means of entering and exiting the workplace, and anything arising from the workplace are without risks to the health and safety of any person.” (covered by the HSWA Act and its Regulations) must take “all practicable steps” to ensure employees, volunteers, contractors and sub-contractors engaged for gain or reward, or any are not harmed by hazards in or arising from the place of work”. This includes in the vicinity of their work. Where there is a safety management system exceeds the requirements of this System, then the forms and other documentation provided by such a system will be accepted by the HSC; so long as they exceed the Occupational Health & Safety requirements outlined in this System, and are compatible with systems an/or site specific contract requirements. Please refer to DNA 1ST SOLUTION LTD Health & Safety Manual provided on site Scope of Works: Brief explanation of work activity to be conducted: First and foremost, DNA 1ST SOLUTION LTD is a Manual Packaging Specialists company, 3rd party service to manufacturers of their end products. On site and Off site work is required. Secondarily, DNA 1ST SOLUTION LTD is a contractor, supplying temporary and permanent workers to employers for their assignments and engagements outside of the packaging contract. On site and off site work is required.