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A family business based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Social development


Under construction & more to come


DNA 1ST SOLUTION’s community focus program (CFP) for the past 6 years is providing employment opportunities for young people with less or no work experience.

  1. School Leavers:
  • School was not for them.
  • We screen and train them here at our warehouse.
  • We have employed hundreds of youth within this time.
  • It is a starting point/ stepping stone/chance for them work now and not later.
  • Let’s try to keep our young people off the job seeker benefit (Dole) where low confidence, laziness and entitlement can overwhelm them in the future.
  • Employment is a good way to beat it.

The above has been a juggling act to balance community intentions and building the business up.

  1. Special Needs:

2018 DNA 1ST SOLUTION opened their doors to young people with special needs.

  • At 21 years old their funding stops them to continue school, and the schools prepares them for work from the age of 18 years old.
  • There is only a handful of companies that employ society’s vulnerable people in Auckland.
  • A lot of them do not find work and sadly disappear from the public eye.

We are currently monitoring this area and we know we can accommodate them in the near future, but the juggling act needs to happen first.

Our CFP also creates a safe environment for our ladies to mix and mingle with similar ages.

Having both GROUPS under the same roof working together, is uplifting

  • We see youth show compassion, consideration and kindness to their counterpart
  • Youth with special needs feel they are part of a team, that they belong to something and have a social environment to participate in.

DNA 1ST SOLUTION has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mindset.

Not all companies can commit a ‘hands on approach’ to the communities in our back yard’ due to their business model/structure.

Instead companies’ CSR help indirectly in other ways e.g donating to charities etc etc

This is understandable.

BUT, if you want to be closer to the action, you can help a business that does have a Community Focus Program and support their business by giving them business.

DNA 1ST SOLUTION is not a non-profit organisation, we don’t receive any funding nor donations for our CFP. But if we can employ more young people and try keep more kids out of WINZ we can sleep better at night.

Our Motto is: MAKE IT HAPPEN

Our Vision is: P.I.E.C.E by P.I.E.C.E